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Det är viktigt att läsa och bekanta sig med andras åsikter och utblickar. I länkarna har jag samlat skrivare och roddare som jag tycker att kan  formulera sammanhängande tankegångar. Notera vänligen följande: Att jag läser eller lyssnar på dem betyder inte att jag håller med om allt de säger.

Charles Hugh-Smith –
”He has warned and informed us about the collapse in housing, peak oil, international affairs and a wide variety of other subjects, including the long-term societal changes that we face. His analyses/advisories are uncannily prescient and are generally followed several weeks, months, or years later by news stories in the general press that are offered too late to provide protection to a misled/uninformed public.”

While I have a skeptical view of certain climate issues, I consider myself “green” in many ways, and I promote the idea of energy savings and alternate energy generation. Unlike many who just talk about it, I’ve put a 10KW solar array on my home, and I also drive an electric car for my daily around town routine.

James Howard
In the background, of course, is an economy just barely holding together with political baling wire and duct tape. It has very poor prospects for continuing in the way it was designed to run, on cheap oil and revolving debt. The upshot is an economy now destined for permanent contraction, and nobody has a plan for managing that contraction.

All it takes to kill any American citizen in this way is Barack Obama’s signature on a piece of paper, his arbitrary designation of the target as a ”suspected terrorist.” In precisely the same way — precisely the same way — Josef Stalin would place a mark by a name in a list of ”suspected terrorists” or ”counterrevolutionaries,” and the bearer of that name would die. This is the system we have now, the same as the Soviets had then: a leader with the unchallengeable power to kill citizens without due process.

Richard Dawkins –
Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.


Du behöver inte hålla med om allt som sägs i denna, men är den ett ytterst viktigt inlägg i dekonstruktionen av modern massmedia (främst tack vare att den är finansierad enbart av lyssnarna: The No Agenda Show

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McAlvany Weekly Commentary
Veckovis kommentar och filosofisk utblick på ekonomi, finans och geopolitiska händelser av investeringsgurun David McAlvany (som kallar sig ekonomisk detektiv) tillsammans med Kevin Orrick. Emellanåt gästande forskare, ekonomister, filosofer. Oerhört intressant. The McAlvany Weekly Commentary